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Services Necessary to Implement New Software

Introducing a new software product into the business environment can be a daunting undertaking. Running into problems can pose significant problems for both the business’ reputation and revenue. One way to help minimize these risks is to select an implementation team that includes project managers and service members with experience and proven success in similar projects. It is also ideal if your selected software business company should also have experience with the specific type of software changes planned for your type of business.

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Before you implement any new software for your business, it is imperative that you plan out how the implementation process is going to work. This includes defining your project goals, objectives, and expectations with your project stakeholders and executive sponsors. Ensure that this information is well documented, reviewed and approved. Make sure to consider how and with whom your objectives will be met, as it will serve as a blueprint that the Project Manager will use to come up with more specific project plans and details. In order for those of us at ABSC to fully understand these objectives, it is helpful if we are included in the planning process from the outset of the project.

Vendor and Team Selection

Prior to selecting a company to work with, consider their previous integration experience, especially with the software you are looking to implement. If you do not know which software would be the best fit for your company, not to worry: the team members at Advanced Software Business Corporation have many years of experience in getting to know companies and their functions in order to select the best software to fit their needs. When deciding who within your company should monitor the implementation process, consider selecting a project manager and team leader that will not be distracted by their current job responsibilities and demands.


Creating a document that formally outlines your project plan is a useful resource for everyone involved and will help you figure out how long each task will take and how each goal will be accomplished. An as-built record that includes a current network diagram is very important for user acceptance testing and problem resolution.

Application and operations reference documents will also be required for user training and post roll-out support. FAQ documents will be created from experience gained during training and user acceptance testing (UAT).

Training & Ongoing Product Support

Any time Advanced Business Software Corporation works with a business, we provide extensive training so that our clients feel as comfortable as possible with their new software. We provide resources including reference documents, FAQs, and a copy of the network diagram to all of our clients. Regardless, we are always available to answer any future questions our clients may have as they continue to work with their new software.


Choosing an established business software company like ABSC that is fully qualified and experienced in any and all software services your business may need is strongly recommended. The company you go forward with should have the ability to eliminate the risk of negative impact to your business during your software implementation project.

If you’ve been searching for a software company that will be with your business through every aspect of implementing new software – from figuring out what new software would be best, to the small questions you may have long after it has been installed, Advanced Business Software Corporation is your answer. Our team understands how important your business is to you, and we are ready to get to know your specific needs in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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