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Businesses of all sizes must perform the basic tasks of planning out the interactions between the  resources and liabilities that present themselves. From staff to financials to warehousing and supply chains to customer service, success in managing the complex interrelated daily operation of any company rests fully on its predictive ability. And your predictions in these areas are only as good as the advanced business solutions you acquire and analyze.

This is where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools can mean the difference between growth and stagnation for your business.

Cloud ERP is a leading “disruptive technology” in the field of business information. We’ve come a long way from rolodexes and filing cabinets for handling information, and the leaders in advanced business solutions, especially data management, continue to innovate. Acumatica and M-Files are two rising challengers that offer unprecedented flexibility, scalability and user-friendliness, all residing in the virtual spaces of the online data “cloud” instead of (or in addition to) on-premises servers.


We have partnered with the Cloud ERP provider Acumatica because of its tremendous potential to revolutionize your information flow. It’s a strong fit for medium to large companies that require more extensive functionality, broader flexibility and robust customization options.

Utilizing a .NET core, Acumatica is powered by Microsoft Stack. This offers integration and customization that is tunable through Visual Studio and scalable through distributed servers and databases. Both workflow automation and information access are robust and well-supplied with a satisfyingly large number of tools as needed. You can even access some data parsing by way of Analysis Services.

The ERP unit gives users a rich interaction with your database with strong dashboards and more reporting functionality than most other Cloud ERP systems.

The first ERPs were notorious for their demand that users’ business processes change to fit the program, instead of accommodating existing methods and protocols. Except for the most radical process that many times give the company its distinctive advantage, just about all your ways and means of operating can be absorbed and even improved by Acumatica.

As a cloud-based tool, the delivery of service is highly adaptable. Whether you need an on-premises or on-demand basis, users can access all levels of data almost anywhere. In addition, users are able to mix or change their data presence. Multiple providers, close-proximity data centers, or a mix of high security data centers – even changing your data storage on the fly is no problem.

Pricing structures for Acumatica are also innovative. Instead of the monthly subscription software-as-a-service model, Acumatica determines pricing by various data points like transaction volumes, storage needs, data processing needs and other similar measurements. In addition, a perpetual software license is available with annual maintenance included.


Keeping things organized so employees can easily find them is crucial to any business. What good will it do you if the email/proposal/specification sheet is somewhere in your computer system but you can’t find it? M-Files has honed in on arranging your “stuff” in ways anyone on your team can understand and access, even those who prefer gigantic piles of paper on their desk.

Not only is M-files fast, inexpensive, and efficient, it’s also super-easy to install and set up. No lengthy installation procedures or technical skills are needed to get up and running.

One big difference between how we’ve been storing files and the way M-Files does it is that instead of trying to remember a filename, a directory or a drive, the user simply refers to what it is.

When it’s time to retrieve that letter you wrote six months ago, you don’t start your search with “where is it?” M-Files puts the document on your screen quickly by beginning with “What is it?”

M-Files stores documents and other files according to the metadata attached to the item, going beyond content, title and folder. Folderless storage has just begun to make inroads as a superior way to handle data – if you use Gmail, you’re already somewhat familiar with it.

And there’s more…

E-signatures, audit trails, sharing levels, storage locations and security layers are all part of the package. M-Files also plays well with Microsoft Office and many CRM applications. The user interface looks very similar to what you’d see on a Microsoft product screen, so there’s not as steep of a learning curve. M-Files works on any device, anywhere, not just Windows machines.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your data, look no further than the advanced business solutions you can access through ABSC. We continually refresh our familiarity with new products, upgrades and add-ons for all the applications we support. We look forward to helping integrate software into your business to help it perform better than it ever has.

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I should mention that Advanced Business Software Corporation’s support team has been the best consulting group I have ever worked with. As I have done this before, I went into it with a very real knowledge of what we were up against, and the problems that we would face. Your group was there at every turn. This experience has far exceeded my expectations in every way. Our last system and software conversion took a year and a half to complete, with three times the employees working on it. Our project with you was done in seven months, from planning to final execution. Thank you to all of you.

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