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Take a moment to imagine all the calculations that your business’ accounting software performs. Could you do it by hand? Sure. But would it be a good use of your time? Probably not. Lucky for us, we have computers to do all our detailed, complicated calculations for us. Computers equipped with small business accounting software eliminate the possibility of accounting mistakes or inconsistencies that would otherwise come from natural human error.

Nowhere is the need for accounting software greater than in small business, where every dollar counts and every financial transaction can represent the difference between a profitable quarter and another step towards bankruptcy. There are a number of professional packages available for a wide variety of business types. Here at Advanced Business Software, we only use what we find to be the best accounting software for each of our clients’ individual needs.


Like Versaccounts, Acumatica is an SaaS (software as a service) cloud-based ERP system designed for smaller businesses. In order to accommodate any business, multiple licenses are available. Acumatica can even be integrated with your current small business accounting software. Acumatica features include: project accounting, distribution tracking and customer management utilities.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed for medium-sized businesses. It can track payables and expenses and can maintain separate sets of books for multiple business entities through the same interface. This can be tremendously useful for companies with complex equity structures that have net operating losses or tax advantaged transactions for some or all of their subsidiary companies to benefit from. Microsoft Dynamics GP also has flexible reporting and, as a Microsoft product, is likely to be familiar to all of your employees.


While M-Files is ostensibly a document management system, it can still be used to enhance and strengthen small business accounting. It is presented as a suite of much-needed enhancements to the Windows Explorer, giving users the option to track revisions to their documents and access print and storage capabilities through their mobile devices. One can see immediate possibilities for such a system to keep track of supporting documents for accounting and for customer management like receipts, work orders and invoices.

Professional Advice

If your company is looking to change your accounting system or upgrade your books from a legacy accounting package, consider working with an experienced company like ABSC. Good accounting packages are not easy to build, and often generate many questions. Our ABSC team takes pride in our expert installation and instruction we provide for all of our clients.

The decision about which accounting software to use for your business is a very important one. A system that is difficult to use or that lacks important features can create complex problems for a growing company. Issues in the form of training and data compatibility as well as a wide variety of other considerations must be addressed before a problem can really be solved. This is why having a specialized business accounting company available to answer the tough questions is so important. Beyond simply explaining the “how,” an experienced company like ABSC can also explain the “why” and make it much easier for our clients to compare vital capabilities between systems before they decide which small business accounting software is best for them.

Business software rarely comes in a “one size fits all” package. Every company is different, and satisfying the needs of our clients is very important to us. If you’re ready to meet our team of experts and get help with any and all of your accounting and business software needs, we encourage you to call us at 912-447-5000 today or contact us here.

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