the team.

Andrew B. Zeigler, MCP


Andrew founded Advanced Business Software Corp. (ABSC) in November 1977, and is currently Corporate President for Advanced Business Software Corporation. He designed the accounting systems that ABSC sells and supports in RPG on the iSeries. ABSC currently has over 150 customers in an approximate 120-mile radius of Savannah.

  • Graduated from Armstrong State College in 1977 with a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science.
  • Technical Support Specialist for Georgia Southern University Business & Finance IT Department (2010 -2011)
  • Experience includes programming in RPG II, RPG III, RPG IV, and SQL.
  • Has technical training from JD Edwards and is experienced in implementing JD Edwards.
  • Primary responsibilities include: Project Manager, System Analyst, as well as Primary Trainer.

Tammy Conley


Tammy joined the staff of ABSC in 1988 with prior experience in the hardware side of the computer industry.

  • Received a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from DeVry Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA in 1986.
  • Employed by Hewlett Packard as a Customer Engineer, performing field service on PC’s, printers, plotters and other peripheral devices before ABSC.
  • Employed by ABSC as an RPG programmer, with experience in Visual Basic, Access and Workstation Basic.

Michael Wanser

Project Manager

Michael joined the staff of ABSC in 2015 with many years of experience in the ERP software industry. He began his career as a programmer for the City of Savannah and has recently returned to Savannah.

  • Graduated from Pratt Institute with a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science.
  • Has experience in programming, project management and database administration.
  • Worked in New York for a mutual fund company, as well as the EPA prior to ABSC.

Lori Harris

Project Manager

Lori joined ABSC in February 2021 to assist clients with software implementation and training.  Prior to joining ABSC, Lori spent 17 years managing different areas of healthcare practices in Atlanta and Savannah.

  • Attended Savannah State University where she graduated with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Information Systems.
  • Lori has a strong background in customer service where she believes providing quick and effective ways to resolve customer issues nurtures relationships and improves brand credibility.

Albert Zeigler

Sales Consultant

  • Started a turn-key remodeling/REO company in Savannah, GA five years ago and continues to run it today.
  • Works closely with the ABSC sales team and future clients to help find the appropriate solutions to fit their business needs.
  • Attended Georgia Southern University from May 2004-June 2008 studying Hospitality Management with Minor in Business and Savannah Christian Prep School from  1994-2000.

Matthew Abbott

Software Developer

Matthew joined the staff of Advanced Business Software in September of 2022.

  • Received Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Georgia Southern University in 2021.
  • Previously served in the US Army for eight years.
  • Was previously employed by Southern Automation Logistics and Technology(SALT) as a software developer apprentice.
  • Experience in computer software/programming includes:
    • Net and Java programming
    • C# and Python programming
    • Database development (SQL)

Samuel Long

Software Developer

Samuel joined the staff of Advanced Business Software in April of 2015.

  • Received Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Armstrong State University in 2011.
  • Was previously employed by FedEx ground as a logistics coordinator.
  • Experience in computer ERP software/programming includes:
    • Net and Java programming
    • Android application development
    • Database development (SQL)

Linda Dukes


Linda joined ABSC in June, 2008. Linda is part of the customer support staff at ABSC. Linda’s responsibilities include seeing that every customer gets personal attention when they call our office.